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The Teacher Preparation Pipeline program mission is to identify future teachers and give them an opportunity to start their career pathway to teaching by starting at the Community College level. This program is designed to support students that are interested in K-12 education and/or students and professionals working in industry who want to teach Career and Technical Education (CTE).

Our Partnerships
The following organizations have joined together to create and promote K-12 education and CTE teacher pathways to meet current and future job demands in our community: Santa Cruz County Office of Education (SCCOE),  local elementary, middle and high schools, Regional Occupational Programs (ROP), Santa Cruz and Watsonville Adult Schools, California State University – Monterey Bay, San Jose State University, University of California Santa Cruz, and local industry partners.

Student Opportunity
Students will have the exciting opportunity to be mentored by outstanding local faculty when enrolled in EDUC 80 and EDUC 80L (Service Learning Lab). EDUC 80 provides a general introduction to educational theory and practice while EDUC 80L provides Service Learning opportunities in educational contexts throughout the area. Both courses are designed for individuals that are considering a career in education or would like to learn more about education in the elementary, secondary, or CTE fields. The courses provide opportunities for observation and participation in and beyond classroom situations, as well as exposing students to the requirements, duties, and responsibilities of the teaching profession.

Students will receive:
Academic transfer advisement
Educational counseling on teacher pathways
Field placement in a K-12, CTE, or CC class
Information on supportive educational services (example: Financial Aid)
CBEST Preparation course
Guaranteed Transfer to many four-year universities.
Cabrillo College Contacts

Visit the Cabrillo College Teacher Preparation Pipeline webpage
or contact Mary Soltis, Education Director and TPP-STEM/CTE Coordinator
(831) 479-6114


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