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logoWhat is STEM-CTE | TEACH?

To embark in a collaborative effort to promote, recruit and assist high school, college students and industry professionals in exploring a career in STEM and CTE teaching.

The STEM-CTE | TEACH program strives to be an exemplary teacher pipeline program, allowing students and working professionals to gain access to quality teacher education and explore a career in STEM and CTE teaching.

STEM – CTE | TEACH Services:

  • Teacher Assistant positions with stipends available to students– this will allow our students to connect course content with real-life application.
  • Mentoring program with stipends available for the mentor– this will provide each student with a mentor that has traveled through the educational pipeline into STEM or CTE teaching.
  • Job shadowing program– to immerse our student in the world of work, where they can get first-hand information about teaching skills and career opportunities. Bringing students into the workplace to see a STEM or CTE teacher at work gives them an introduction to the classroom and business setting.
  • One-on-one counseling with a designated CTE counselor– this will allow our students to meet with a designated CTE counselor, at least twice a semester, and develop an educational plan.
  • Professional Development Activities– provide faculty and staff development to secondary and post-secondary institutions and business/industry representatives to provide teacher preparation-related information and direction.
  • Transfer information and support to CSULA’s Technology Education Track
  • CTE-TEACH Pathways Information
  • Provide information and professional development stipend for skilled professionals to assist them in obtaining their Designated Subjects Credential in CTE.

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