Rio Hondo – Past Events

Game-Based Learning Strategies: MindCraft Club, June 3-4, 2015
16 attendees (5 teachers, 11 student teachers)

STEM-CTE TEACH conducted a train-the-trainer workshop in collaboration with the SB 1070 Career Pathways grant. Participants were introduced to Mathcraft, a Common Core Math curriculum centered on a popular digital game, Minecraft. Teachers built, solved and aligned Common Core Standards in Minecraft and learned to develop their own lesson plans and manage a digital game-based classroom. The training also incorporated an introduction to coding (Modding in Minecraft) and a Maker activity connecting Minecraft to hands-on applications. The goal of this PD was to train teachers to: use game-based strategies utilizing Minecraft as a tool to improve students’ scores and interest in math and other subjects through engagement and practical application; build, solve, and understand Common Core Standards in Minecraft, and; have classroom management in a digital game-based classroom.

The Train-the-Trainer workshop is part of a two-phase pilot program in partnership with 4 secondary schools to introduce and train teachers and potential student teachers in game-based learning strategies. Utilizing the popular digital game, Minecraft, it has the potential to engage and teach students in Math and other applicable subjects. The 2nd phase is the formation of a MindCraft Club after-school program for participating middle schools and high schools. The MindCraft Club will serve as the Implementation Stage where teachers will be able to observe the actual implementation of Mathcraft with students and have an opportunity to implement the lessons they have developed during the Train-the-Trainer workshop by co-facilitating game-based learning lessons with a GBL consultant and student teacher assistants.


CTE Career Exploration Summer Academy, July 13-17, 2015
Eleven (11) STEM-CTE | TEACH students assisted faculty and staff in facilitating 5 hands-on and contextualized modules offered during the 2015 CTE Summer Academy. The annual event exposes middle school students to STEM careers in the Energy & Utilities, Information Technology, Health Science and Transportation industry sectors, as well as opportunities in higher education. All modules address applied mathematics/science involved in the selected fields. A pre-culminating experience includes a college/career orientation session. Participating middle school students worked in teams to develop projects within four California Industry Sectors.


Teacher Assistant-Mentor (TeAM) Program
Fifteen (15) students served as teacher assistants in Spring 2015 and completed the program hours and requirements. Eleven STEM-CTE faculty members served as mentors.

Designated Subjects Credential in CTE Program
Seven (7) new and current teachers continue to take the required courses for the Designated Subjects Credential in CTE offered by the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) in partnership with Rio Hondo College’s STEM-CTE | TEACH program.

For more information please visit the STEM-CTE | TEACH program website