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The Teacher Preparation Pipeline (TPP) Program at Saddleback College offers support services for students pursuing a career in teaching. These support services include specialized academic counseling, university representative appointments, campus tours, workshops, teacher examination information, job announcements for future teachers, scholarships, volunteer opportunities, classroom fieldwork courses, and the Student California Teacher Association (SCTA) Future Teachers Club.

Events for TPP Students
What’s Up Wednesday -Join us in the Transfer Center on the first Wednesday of each month to hear a speaker and socialize with other Teacher Prep students.
Fieldtrip for Fall – Santa Ana College Road to Teaching Conference
Fieldtrip for Spring – Teaching Tomorrow’s Teachers conference at CSU Fullerton

Upcoming Program
Future Elementary School Teacher Cohort
• Guaranteed priority enrollment in courses related to teaching
• Individualized and specialized counseling
• Support from the Teacher Preparation Pipeline Team
• Enroll in Counseling 1 “Academic Planning for Future Teachers” to get started.

Fieldwork Courses for TPP Students
EDUC 41 – SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHING – History, philosophy and sociology of secondary education. Introduction to the California Teaching Performance Expectations and Assessments; needs of special populations, English learners, and struggling readers; content standards including Career Technical Education; and major curriculum reform documents. In addition, students will gain experience through 40 hours of required field work as follows: 30 hours at one site and 10 hours in various other sites/activities.
EDUC 90 – INTRO TO ELEMENTARY EDUCATION– Introduces concepts and issues related to teaching diverse learners in today’s contemporary schools, Kindergarten through grade 12 (K-12). Topics include teaching as a profession and career, historical and philosophical foundations of the American education system, contemporary educational issues, California’s content standards and frameworks, and teacher performance standards. In addition to class time, the course requires a minimum of 45 hours of structured fieldwork in public school classrooms that represent California’s diverse student population, and includes cooperation with at least one carefully selected and campus-approved certificated classroom teacher.

Student Testimonials
Rather than waiting until you are far into the teaching pathway and waiting until you do your student teaching to be in a classroom, you get early “classroom experience” to see if teaching would be something you truly want to do. For example, … how much work is involved; can you handle a class? This class helped me decide that teaching is what I’m passionate about, I have lots of energy when I’m in the classroom and enjoy the kids.

This was an excellent experience and opportunity to get first hand exposure to a classroom/ teaching environment. The TPP staff was excellent; readily available and exceptionally helpful. The school placement was also appropriate and positive. I highly commend this educational opportunity to any student considering teaching as helping to direct a career decision.

This is an excellent exposure to the world of teaching. The only thing that I recommend to student teachers to approach this class with their “eyes wide open.” … look at all of the aspects as well as their own personal motivations for doing what they’re doing.

Through the TPP program, I gained early classroom experience. This helped me decide that teaching is what I am passionate about. I enjoy the kids and have lots of energy when I am in the classroom.

Overall a great experience to be part of the actual classroom setting in a role that enabled us to develop teaching and interpersonal skills.

For more information visit the Saddleback College Teacher Preparation Pipeline webpage.

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TPP Team at Saddleback 2016